๐Ÿ“Š Dashboard overview

Let's look over some key features of the Rho dashboard.

Current holdings summary: Upon connecting your wallet, the dashboard will display a summary of your current holdings and active positions.

Market movements: View real-time market data and movements within the dashboard to stay informed of the latest trends and rates.

Market data visualization

Access charts: View charts that display the difference between the floating rate and the Rho products you are trading.

Customization options: Customize the charts to show or hide the floating rate, adjust features such as time period, and view market highs and lows.

Floating vs. fixed rate charts: Learn how to toggle between floating and fixed rates on the charts to better understand the dynamics of the market. This feature allows you to make informed decisions by comparing historical and real-time data on rate fluctuations.

Understanding market fluctuations: Familiarize yourself with examples of rate fluctuations, such as hourly or daily changes, which illustrate the market's volatility and help you anticipate future movements.

Understanding market tools: Enhance your trading strategy by utilizing tools that allow you to analyze historical and predictive market trends. Learn to interpret hourly and daily charts for a clear understanding of market dynamics.

Open positions: Access details of your current positions by selecting this option from the bottom menu.

Trade history: Review your transaction history and analyze the outcomes of past trades in the 'Trade History' section.

Margin management: Manage and adjust your margins to maintain adequate levels for your open positions.

Filtering by market or instrument

Utilize the dashboard filters to display information sorted by specific markets or instruments for tailored trading insights.

Learn and explore

Educational resources: Utilize the educational resources available on Rho Protocol to understand interest rate derivatives better and develop effective trading strategies.

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