⚡ Executing your first trade

Open trading interface

Explore different Rho products via the top menu.

Navigate to the product: Select the Rho product you are interested in trading from the top menu. This action will bring up the trading interface specific to that product.

View product details: Once on the product page, view details like maturity, current rate, 24-hour change in BPS, lows and highs, time to maturity, and the floating rate all in APR.

Instrument details and selection: Explore the process of selecting instruments by maturity and market, with guidance on understanding each instrument’s specific characteristics, including the latest rate observed, its 24-hour change, and associated margins.

Input trade details

Select direction

Long position: Choose this if you anticipate the rate will increase. It means you are buying the derivative with the expectation that the product’s rate will go up.

Short position: Select this if you believe the rate will decrease. This position involves selling the derivative, betting on a decline in the product’s rate.

Set leverage: Determine the amount of leverage you want to apply to your trade, anywhere from 0-100x. Leverage increases both the potential return and the risk of the trade.

Enter notional value: Specify the notional amount you wish to trade. The notional value is the total value of the position you're taking on, adjusted for leverage.

Confirm and monitor

Review trade details: Before confirming the trade, double-check all the details, including the direction of the trade, leverage, notional value, and any fees associated.

Confirm the trade: If all details are correct and you are comfortable with the risk, click the "Confirm" button to execute the trade.

Monitor your positions: After executing the trade, regularly monitor your position from the dashboard. Keep an eye on market changes, margin requirements, and potential calls for additional collateral.

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