๐Ÿงช Requesting testnet assets

Important: Join the Rho Discord server

Before you can interact with our bot, you must join the Rho Discord server.

Faucet Bot information

Our faucet bot is now deployed at @Rho Testnet Faucet Bot.

This bot is responsible for distributing testnet assets.

Assets distributed

  • ETH: For gas fees

  • USDT: For transactions and collateral

Distribution amounts:

  • 5000 USDT

  • 0.05 ETH

Note: The distribution amounts are configurable and may change at any time.

Requesting funds

Only verified users of the Rho Discord server can request funds. Follow these steps to request testnet assets:

  1. Join the Rho Discord server if you haven't already.

  2. Find the bot @Rho Testnet Faucet Bot within the "Members" section.

  3. Send a Direct Message (DM) with your wallet address.

NOTE: Please ensure that your address is a valid EVM-compatible address.

Example DM:


Follow these steps to successfully request and receive your testnet assets.

If you have any issues, please request support within the Rho Discord server.

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